Vitalité Québec is the first and only magazine published in French in Canada on all aspects of healthy, natural living, with a focus on current affairs and growth of the natural health industry.

The editorial content is divided into various sections:

front pages, regular columns, specialized articles, recipes, profiles of industry members, and back pages.


The articles present a mix of expert advice, discussions of prevention and treatment techniques, nutrition, physical fitness, self-development and products, as well as various approaches to physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.


Message and mission A publication in the field of health and wellbeing whose editors are on the same wavelength as its readers. The editors share the knowledge they have gained from years of experience, without pretence.

The content
is useful, relevant and factual, focusing on the person as a whole, not just symptoms.

The mission
of Vitalité Québec is to help its readers:

. achieve and maintain healthy vitality;

. become informed and inform their family
and friends about how to live a healthy, natural life.

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